Saturday, May 17, 2014

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Christ- the way, the truth and the Life
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life . No one comes to the Father except through me”.( V.6) 
This Chapter is a continuation of Christ’s farewell discourse with his disciples after the last supper. Jesus is telling to his disciples that tragedy awaits him, that one of them will betray him, and that there will soon be a time where he is not with them in the same way he is now. Who were full of sorrow upon what he had said of leaving them. Jesus tells the disciples that they will not be abandoned by God and He will send a new advocate that will help the disciples and the future generations to discern the will of God as new issues and problems emerge. The theme for today calls us to reflect on Jesus’ words, “He is the way and truth and the life “.Being part of the last words of Jesus before his trial and crucifixion they hold a tremendous significance for us. These words are in the context of Jesus other words that “He who has seen me has seen the father”. In other words that Jesus is the perfect reflection of the image of God and to see Jesus is to see what God is like and at the same time to see what God would want us human beings to be like. Jesus’ mission in life was to proclaim the presence and the unveiling of God’s reign on earth.
Jesus as the model who shows us the way, the truth and the life.
Jesus is the way to God – Through his actions and words Jesus has shown us how we can live a life pleasing to God. This life is liberating people from all that prevented them from reaching the fullness of life. Through the intervention to the need of the people Jesus shows the way to the fullness of life.
Jesus is the truth – He reveals us the truth about God, that God is not one unconcerned about the world and its sufferings. Rather as his incarnation in Jesus of Nazareth shows, he is deeply concerned about all creation and seeks that we too understand that truth. While we do not know much about why there is suffering in the world and why god allows suffering, we do know that God is with us when we suffer, we are not alone. We are called to be the agents of God and thereby do our utmost to relieve suffering where ever it may be found. Same time we are invited to realize that knowing the truth about God means that we must follow that truth. Through His Incarnation, life, death and resurrection Jesus reveals the truth of God the almighty – God loves the creation.
Jesus is the life – By saying he is the life, Jesus means that he is the one who shows us how life is to be lived. And Jesus calls us to live life and live it abundantly. May the triune God help us to realize God almighty through the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus.
Prayer: our Merciful father, help us live a life like our master Jesus, O Lord use us in your hands to explicit your redemptive act to this world….Amen
Thought for the day: Follow Jesus Christ- only through Him we can enter the Father's presence.

                    Rev. Biju K George, Calgary MTC, Canada