Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

“How much more ,then , will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God , cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death , so that we may serve the living God (V.14)
Leonardo da Vinci was 43 years old when the Duke of Milan asked him to paint the Last Supper. He worked on it slowly and carefully. He spent much time making the cup that Jesus held as beautiful as possible. After three years he was ready to show it, and called for a friend to come and see it. He said, “look at it and give me your opinion.” The friend said, “It is wonderful. The cup is so real I can’t take my eyes off of it “Immediately Leonardo took a brush and drew it across the sparkling cup. His friend exclaimed as he did so: Nothing shall detract from the figure of Christ!” Christ must be the primary focus in Christian’s life.
Today's passage reminds us the redemption we  got through Jesus Christ on the Cross.-It takes back to the Old Testament-to the types and shadows pointed to Jesus- and it shows us how He fulfilled them. As the Old Testament priests offered sacrifice for the people in the Most Holy place of the tabernacle, Jesus offers His perfect sacrifice in the heavenly throne of His father. Through  His broken body and His shed blood, He offers us eternal life as He unites us to Himself  - And that is what  we celebrate and partake through the Holy Communion.
We live in a world of noise and hurry. The anxiety and the anonymity of modern life can squeeze our time for worship, prayer and friendship. In such a background the relevance of congregational worship and fellowship are questioned. As believers or partakers of the Holy Communion, we have the task of bearing the presence of Christ to our fellow beings. To share the Body of Christ with another person means to recognize that person as a brother or sister: it means being ready to share their sufferings and anxieties: it means being sensitive to their needs: it means helping them to recognize that Christ is with them as he promised. Bearing the presence of Christ to others means being ready and willing to recognize and live in His presence in our home, work place and where we are. May God help us to set 'Jesus Christ' as our primary focus.
Prayer: O Lord, help us to understand the price of our redemption, through Your beloved son Jesus Christ and enable us to reflect Your love and kindness through our worship and life....Amen
Thought for the day: “Every Christian is called to make Christ present “ 

Rev. Shibu Mathew, Epiphany MTC, New York.