Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Affirmation of Christ as Lord and God
I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior”. (Isaiah 43:11)
The book of Isaiah highlights God’s judgment and salivation. This particular passage highlights the fact that Israel was chosen as God’s witness in this world. Also, God declares himself as the gracious redeemer and savior. It is this nation that God considered as his own people and whom God cared to reinstate whenever they departed from God’s ways. In verse 8, God asks to encourage his people to come forward to stand as his witnesses. They are still deaf and blind. But they are the ones who have experienced God’s mighty ways to declare in front of the world. Who in the world can proclaim God’s ways in the best way? It is only Israel who can do this.
Commissioning with a mission (Verse 8)
God wants his people to declare His uniqueness in front of all in the world. If we say that we are His children, He wants us to make known the great things He has done in our life. Many times we are like the children of Israel who were deaf and blind spiritually even if they were not so physically.  We forget the blessings and try to dwell the way we want. Here God is commissioning the deaf and blind Israel with a great responsibility. They are no more a group of people who should close their eyes to the truths. They should come out from their idle life. Many times we also follow the same pattern. Materialism of the world makes as deaf and blind. Understanding the dangers of this attitude is very important.
Witnessing Christ (verse 10)
This is an important faucet that a believer should exhibit in every walk of life. Witnessing becomes meaningful when it is done at every point of our life. Witnessing becomes a reality only when we testify Jesus in front of others not only through words but also through actions. Also, we should be bold to proclaim the authenticity of our faith. Only a true disciple of Jesus Christ will be able to do this. Witnessing Christ is a responsible action. It always comes with a price to be paid at the end. Many times, it will not be a golden crown that we will get but it will be a crown made of thorns.
Source of Salvation (verse 11)
Salvation comes only from God. That is why He sent his own begotten son to redeem this world through his blood. Christ is the only savior that mankind can rely upon. When we enjoy that gift of salvation, it is very important to understand the cost that Christ paid for that. No other person or power in this world can be the source of this salvation.
Power of God (verse 13)
God proclaims the fact that there is no other force in this world which is powerful than him. People of Israel knew this truth but many times they saw the problems bigger than their redeemer. In Him, we have the full hope of deliverance. He is alpha and omega. Psalm 147:3 says, ‘He heals the broken- hearted’. He heals not only our physical wounds but also our emotional wounds. Many times physical wounds can be cured by a physician. But a wound of heart is something which requires immediate attention. When we are immersed in Him, He is all capable to heal those wounds.
Prayer: Almighty and Sovereign Lord, Help us to understand the spiritual deafness and blindness in our lives. Strengthen us to witness you in all situations....Amen
Thought for the day: We can trust Christ, our Lord even when we cannot trust ourselves.

                        Reji  Joseph , NJ