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Fall & Forgiveness

“Who told you that you were naked?” the Lord G-d asked. “Have you eaten from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat?” – v.11

Life is filled with various relationships.  Some we allow (friends) while some God allows (family). There was one relationship, in the beginning. It was between a Father & His children.  Adam was the son’s name, Eve was the daughter’s.  They were a loving family.  Grateful for the world which was created for them, the children enjoyed their Father’s relationship.  The Father entrusted them to a bountiful land, in which every need was taken care of, wherein it could be truly said “I SHALL NOT WANT.”  They were satisfied in direct communion with their Father.  So what happened?

God’s Word questioned.  The devil is one of the most cunning and convincing fallen angels in God’s Kingdom.  He paid attention to the relationship between Adam & Eve, and between them and the Father, for days, maybe even months (he is also very patient).  When the right time came, the devil convinced Eve & Adam to betray The Father. (v. 4-6)   To betray a command is to betray the commander
God’s Wisdom questioned.  Though both children knew God loved them, they believed that they could be wiser too. (v. 6b)  A worldly wisdom is what they sought, and what we reap now.  Too often the world’s wisdom looks far more enticing to us than God’s wisdom.
God’s Love questioned.  Ultimately, Adam & Eve, like us, lost sight of their first love.  The devil was able to plant the tiniest seed of doubt within them.  Once that seed finally found firm ground in their hearts, it grew into a tree of evil.  The seed of doubt was this: if God really loved you, He would give you what is beautiful in your eyes.
OUR FATHER’S love still remaining after the Fall: “With The Lord’s help, I have produced a man.” – Gen 4.1.  Eve never forgot that it was God who still worked with them despite her disobedience. Though we have fallen, our Father’s love is like a runaway freight train being pushed by all the superheroes in every Universe to bring us back to THE RELATIONSHIP. Let our relationship with HIS WORD, be worthy of that LOVE!
Thought for the day:   “Your attitude toward God’s Word determines your relationship with God.”  – Derek Prince
Prayer:  Dear Daddy in Heaven, Thank you for your presence like the Sun in our lives, constant even if we can’t see you at night; you are always there.  Help us to abide in your Word, In Jesus name we pray.... Amen.

Adarsh Abraham, Long Island MTC, NY

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum