Saturday, July 20, 2013

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

“The Mystery”
“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field” (31)

              Matthew chapter 13 shows a significant turning point in the ministry of Jesus, ie, from synagogue to sea shore.  A parable is a story, a picture of everyday life which has a deeper meaning.  In Jesus’ parables, ordinary as they are, we find images of the Kingdom of Heaven. In this passage there are two illustrations Jesus used 1. The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed planted in a field & 2. The Kingdom of Heaven is like the yeast a woman used in baking bread. These parables clearly explain the dynamism of the Kingdom
It starts from small as you can imagine but far from spectacular-it’s full of potentials 
            It talks about the possibility of growth and transformation. Mustard seed was a small, insignificant, relatively unimportant seed but had a miraculous power within it. It exhibits the potentiality of growth and bearing fruit. Likewise, the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom community has the power and that power is miraculous. Growing in Christ is a Kingdom experience, the growth we can see in personal and community level. That growth is revealed only on the basis of transformation.   
There is a mystery in it’s growth
              In New Testament times the term “mystery” was the technical name for something which was unintelligible to the outsider but crystal clear to the person who had initiated it.  The lesson of this parable is that the Kingdom works unseen. We cannot see the yeast working in the dough, almost invisible, but the work of the yeast is always going on. Likewise we cannot see the work of the Kingdom, but always the Kingdom is working and drawing men and the world ever nearer to God. The inauguration and the development of the Kingdom Jesus initiated and the participation of the faith community in that process also emphasized here. It also affirms the fact that “God is active in history”.

As a part of the faith community let us submit ourselves for the establishment of His Kingdom, do not rely on  our strength but the strength provided by Christ. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant we are, we are called by our Lord to keep doing good wherever we are. So as a person and a society do your best for His Kingdom, it will bear fruit because it is His plan and provision.

Prayer:  Jesus, my Lord and my God, cleanse in me that which is impure; enlighten that which is dark; strengthen that which is weak; that I may love and assert your providence, and proclaim your Kingdom……Amen   
Thought for the Day:  The mystery will be revealed when we are in the Kingdom

Rev. Shibu Mathew,  Epiphany MTC , NY.