Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Apostleship of Church
God called to him from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!”
In Exodus 3:1-15, we see God calling Moses to lead HIS people, the Israelites, out of oppression and slavery in Egypt.  In this particular passage we see Moses doubting his ability if not God’s choice in choosing Moses for this particular job. Like Moses, we doubt our All Knowing Father when he puts a task or responsibility before us to complete. 
Let’s break it down to the very essence of what is being asked of us.  The word apostle is derived from the Greek apostolos, meaning "one who is sent." A modern-day apostle would typically function as a church planter—one who is sent out by Christ to spread the gospel and establish new communities of believers. Though the definition of apostolos is “one who is sent”, it does not necessarily mean that you must be sent away to be effective.  In our own homes, work places and even our own Churches, we can be apostles of the Church of Christ.  It is in the way we use our God given abilities in bettering the Church and bringing her people closer together.
To be called by God to be an apostle of the Church, to be chosen to perform a responsibility/task for our Father, it is He choosing us, based on the gifts he has bestowed upon us before our births to use to better his Kingdom. For example, the man with an affinity to connect with children: he has a gift that would allow him to reach so many at an early age and help instill the word of God,  whether it is the children in his own home or a village 5,000 miles away.  The woman with the ability to fix cars without ever having studied automobiles or taking an auto shop class in school. She has a skill set that she can offer to her church by helping the traveling Preachers or Organizations to fulfill their calling and so their funds can be put towards God’s work. 
What you look at as a “knack” or “luck” with some skill set, is a gift.  The ability to comfort, converse, cook, build, write, sing or even lead, these are all gifts from God.  Our Father may be calling you to sing to the elderly of his love; cook and feed the homeless or even our next door neighbor and share the blessing of our Lord or to even lead in our Churches to bring Glory to His Name.  When our Father calls, you/we must answer with, “Yes Lord. I am here and ready to serve.” Have faith in yourself and know that God would not ask it of you if he had not already provided you with the resources and abilities to complete the task.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, give us the strength and courage to be Your good and faithful servants, to use Your gifts well and not to bury them, so that we may be a part in Your joy.  Amen
Thought for the Day:  God has given me strength and resources to handle all that comes my way.

Bindu S. Mathew, St. Thomas M T C, NY