Sunday, June 2, 2013

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Wisdom from God

My son, if you accept my words, and store up my commands within you (1)

Wisdom, described in this passage, is the ability to discern what is right and wrong and fair.  It is not simply knowledge, but it requires the application of knowledge to everyday life decisions.  We say that God is the source of all wisdom, but what does this really mean?  How do you gain wisdom?  Why is wisdom important? What are God’s promises to the  ‘wise one’? Wisdom comes from God, but how does HE impart that wisdom to us?  He shares HIS wisdom with us through HIS Word.  It is not enough to read God’s word, but it is important to store up God’s commands in our hearts.  This requires us to immerse ourselves in HIS Word and to study it diligently.   The constant meditation  of God’s laws and precepts will give us the ability to recognize right from wrong . We also need to ask God for wisdom.  James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”  It is important to daily seek wisdom, because it is as precious as silver.

Wisdom gives us the knowledge and understanding of God and His ways.  It is only when we know our Lord intimately that we will be able to rightly revere God.  That knowledge, in turn, will help us to easily submit to God’s plans for us and the rest of the world.
This passage in Proverbs also describes how God looks upon the wise man.  God finds the wise person to be blameless, upright, just and faithful.  How precious is God’s view of the one who seeks His wisdom!  What an honor it is to be bestowed with these characteristics by our Lord!  God promises the man with wisdom to give him victory over all things.  He promises to be a protector, guard and shield for the wise person.  God’s pledge to the wise one is marvelous.

The famous Biblical example of a person with great wisdom was King Solomon.  Wisdom was the only thing that he asked of God to enable him to be an effective and fair leader of the Israelites in 1 King 3.  Because he sought wisdom from the Lord, God granted it to him, along with riches, honor and long life.  Solomon studied and followed the statutes of Lord, which is evident by his growth in wisdom.  However, there came a time when his heart slowly drifted from God and he sought after the gods of his many foreign wives.  He had failed to follow the Lord’s command not to intermarry with foreigners.  This was the beginning of the downfall of King Solomon.  He lost favor with God.  Here, he tried to live by his own wisdom and not by the wisdom given by God.  This is a perfect example of how not studying and following God’s commands can lead us to making unwise choices.  This, in turn, causes us to lose out on God’s protection and favor.  This is a sorry state to be in!  In the end, King Solomon gained nothing but God’s displeasure.

Prayer: Lord help us to seek Your wisdom daily by enabling us to study Your Word and allowing us to incorporate it into our everyday decisions. 

Thought For the Day :  Seek God’s wisdom daily so that HE might bestow on you the title, “faithful one.”

Dr. Jeeji Mathunny, Epiphany MTC, NY