Friday, June 14, 2013

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Protection of God’s beautiful creation

“But earnestly desire the higher gifts. And I will show you a still more excellent way.”

          A recently found advertisement caption for a well-known Bank says, “Life’s better when we’re connected … to each other.”

We are called to be in the ‘creation’ which means to be ‘alive’. In creation the Life system is mutually sustaining. Collectively it is effective and powerful. Each event in this nature lives for the others and help the total life sustaining. What makes this life alive? The answer we all know, all creation is imprinted with the seal of the spirit of God. The experience of the Kingdom of God, once it was in the first Eden, which the Messiah establishes in new Eden, will be the experience of perfect harmony. It is the harmony between God and human, between human and human, between human and nature and among all creatures themselves in contrast to all disharmonies among all creatures. This week we meditate the word of God upon the theme Protection of God’s beautiful creation.

An excellent way of protection
 As it is mentioned above, the characteristic of creation is its vivifying nature. Being vivid the whole creation has its own responsibilities to maintain the experience of harmony. (Read Ps. 104).Each event is given the manifestation of the spirit for common good (vs. 7). Church as the worldly expression of the kingdom of God, St. Paul reminds the three fold ministry of the Church and different gifts of Spirit. The Church, being called out and sent, are expected to be Apostles. The Church is called to be Prophets to speak against all injustices. For teaching the meaning and ethics of Christian faith, the Church is called to be teachers. Each one of us are gifted differently by the gifts of miracles, gifts of healing, gifts of support, gifts of directions, gifts of tongues etc. But the gift of LOVE will enable us to use all the other gifts of Spirit for the perfect harmony without any envy and division. Only LOVE towards God, human, nature and all creatures makes us the human of miracles, healing, supporting, directing, speaking or interpreting. So let us earnestly desire for this higher gift.

 Prayer: Our Loving God we realize that we are made differently with different gifts and skills but enable us to appreciate each other and work along with You for the benefit of creation as a whole. Amen
Thought for the Day:  “One man is no man at all. “ (Only by relating to others he/she will be a human)

Rev. T. K Viji , M T C, San Francisco.