Saturday, May 18, 2013

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Holy spirit - The Presence Of God
John 16: 5-15

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you in to all the truths... (v. 13)

The Church is celebrating the festival of Pentecost this Sunday. On the day of Pentecost, we commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Jesus Christ. Different church traditions celebrate this day in various ways. This is also an opportunity to remember the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church to which we all belong.  John 14-17 is the farewell discourse of Jesus Christ in which He is reminding the disciples about His departure. Responding to their distress over that news, Jesus was encouraging and preparing them for continuing His ministry even after His departure. John 16: 1-15 speaks about the promise of the Holy Spirit as well as its nature and function.
Holy Spirit is an ever Abiding presence of God
On the day of Pentecost we thank God for His presence with us through the Holy Spirit. The everlasting presence of the resurrected Christ becomes a reality in the life of a believer through the Holy Spirit. It is not an optional choice, but a given reality. The given spirit is an eternal contemporary in the life of a disciple. This is not a seasonal spirit or a power that energizes us only in spiritual gatherings. Even in the mundane life experiences, we need to feel that presence. A Christian life is a life guided by the Holy Spirit.
Convicting function of the Holy Spirit
Jesus told the disciples that He would send the Spirit to “convict the world of guilt in regard to sin, righteousness and judgment” (v.8). Here the role of the Holy Spirit is not to make us unconscious or sub-conscious, but to give a higher consciousness of our life and its rewards. This helps us to have a right understanding about ourselves and our responsibilities to the world around us.  The presence of Holy Spirit will make the believer aware of the Sin, need for right relationship and a sense of impending judgment. Our life should prove that we are believers, for which Holy Spirit enables us. A Christian life is a witnessing life.
Leading us into Truth
There is a powerful relationship between Truth and Spirit (16: 13). Truth is not only some verbal proclamation of the facts but a life lived with a spirit of integrity, transparency in relationship and with a pure and noble heart. John's gospel defines Jesus himself as truth (14: 6). For Jesus, a life in conformity to truth rewarded him Cross. Here Holy Spirit is our strength and companion to face the experiences of cross while journeying through the path of truth.  The presence of Jesus through Holy Spirit within us enables us to understand the truth and to live a life in truth.

Prayer: Thank you O Lord, for the gift of Holy Spirit. Lead and enable us to be faithful witnesses to God. Amen

 Thought for the Day:  Live in Truth, Leave the Sin and Love the Spirit

Rev. K. E.ReRev. K. E. Geevarghese, Diocesan Secretary, Diocese of NA&E.