Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Waiting up on the Lord for Power 

Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit” ( 2:9b)

When my daughters were younger we always made an annual family trip to the amusement park.  Although these trips were always fun, I dreaded having to wait in the long lines before each amusement park ride. I have to admit that I often become impatient when I have to wait for anything. Indeed if the truth were told most of us are the same.  If you think about it, the examples are endless- the wait for excited grandparents before the birth of their first grandchild, the wait for the engaged couple before their wedding day, the wait for the student before graduation; they all test our patience, our ability to endure, and our commitment to the outcome.

Often times, we are called to wait upon the Lord. There are occasions when the Lord seems to be really taking His time. And the reason for this is simple. During this time gap, the Lord is preparing us for what He has in mind for us. It can take years to shape our personality and gifts to fulfill the role God has for our lives. When it comes it will neither be too late, nor too early. Like all God's dealings it will be right on time.
Elisha asked to receive a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. The request was not for twice the power that had rested on Elijah. The request was to be recognized as Elijah’s replacement. He was asking that the same Spirit that had empowered the ministry of this great man of God be given to him as well. God granted Elisha his request at God’s time. Just like Elisha persevered in faith, we also have to persevere in our faith and wait for the Lord to act at His time. We have to stay focused on Jesus Christ, the supreme example of perseverance and faithfulness. Just as Elisha was rewarded with double portion, we will also be rewarded at His time. We just have to wait upon the Lord for his power with faith as God will fulfill His promises in His time.

Friends, if there was ever a day when we needed people with a heart like Elisha’s, it is the day in which we live. If you want to see the glory of God manifested and displayed before your eyes, then don’t give up or lose patience. Just stay with God and hold on. In His time, He will move in power and glory.

Prayer: Gracious and loving Lord, help us to be patient and empower us to serve you at your time.

 Thought for the Day:  In His time, God fulfills His promises.
 Mathew K. Lukose, Ephiphany MTC, New York