Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Theme: The Commission of God

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (8)
In this passage Peter writes to the elders and the young men. He assigns responsibility to people who are elderly and young. He refers the elderly as the shepherd. Peter says those who have come into this field of serving the people should do it without any grudge. They should be the care-takers. This is not out of any compulsion. But it is only because one has chosen to do so. In verse 3, Peter says when you take care of your flocks; you do so by being good examples. Lord Jesus Christ is the Chief Shepherd (v 4). As Jesus was a good shepherd to his flocks, the same way the elders are to take care of his people. For this the elders should first lead a life that is worthwhile, this in return should attract his flocks to follow and believe him. God will bless and reward those who serve as good shepherds.

 In verse 5-7, Peter says young men to be submissive, submitting to those who are older. The main quality Peter points out is to be humble. Unless there is a get-along attitude between the younger and the older generation the church cannot function smoothly. Great confidence is a mark of youth. At the same time, tested wisdom is a mark of maturity. So the church needs the talents of both. The younger must submit to the elder as well as the elder must include the ideas and views of the younger generation.   The best example from the bible is humbleness of Jesus himself. Jesus was so much down to earth because he knew his purpose of being among the people. Peter says in verse 5 to clothe yourself with humility and in verse 7, he says to cast all the anxiety on God because he cares for you. In other words Peter says to love and respect one another and if there is any worries just leave it to God. It’s a human nature to solve all problems by themselves, no matter what method one chooses. So Peter says just live all troubles to God and we just have to maintain peace on earth.

 From Verse 8-11, Peter says how to stand against any evil force. He says to be self-controlled and alert. Satan knows our weakness as much as we know. Many a time Satan is trying to put us down. But Peter says in verse 9 to resist him and stand firm in faith. No matter who tries to put us down we need to stand strong in our faith and do things that are pleasing to God. There are many in this world who is suffering for their Christian practices. We are just one among them. When we have decided to dedicate our lives to God and serve him, we will have to face many trials and temptations. Not falling into any of them we need to stand strong in our faith and be ready to suffer for our God. At the end Peter says the Almighty and powerful God is enough to supply all the grace that is needed for the disciple to survive. He is the only one who restores us and makes us strong day by day. His grace is sufficient for us. There is nothing else needed more than this. And it’s a big honor to receive God’s grace and peace.

Prayer : O Lord give me the wisdom and the strength needed to stand against all evil forces and help me to do my ministry without any grudge. Amen

Rev. Antony T Varghese, Ascension MTC, Philadelphia