Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

The Commission of God

 “I wish all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit on them” (29)

In the book of Numbers, Moses writes an account of the 40 long years it took for the Jews to travel from Egypt to Israel. During this time, the ancient Jews were often disobedient to God’s words, wanted their own selfish ways, complained, were stubborn, never satisfied, lacked faith and failed to trust in their leader.  This behavior from a few, caught on like wild fire and all the people began to complain at camp.  In Chapter 11, the people complain about their God given manna.  Their taste buds have become tired of eating the same food, day in and day out.  They remember the variety of delicious food they were able to consume in Egypt and are craving some of the same in the desert.  They bring these complaints to their leader, Moses.  Moses then prays to the lord and asks why he has been chosen as their leader at such a difficult time? Moses justifiably complains and asks for help in catering to the people’s needs.  He feels overwhelmed.  Leading and caring for the people has finally taken a toll on Moses and he seeks help.  The Lord hears his prayers and asks 70 elders and leaders to be gathered, who will assist Moses in this great task.     

Of the 70 chosen, only 68 showed up to the tent.  As the Lord promised, the Spirit of the Lord was upon them and they began to prophesy (vs25).  The 2 missing elders: Eldad and Medad, never gathered with the rest, but “the spirit rested on them and they prophesized in the camp” (vs26).  They may have been sick or felt unworthy of such honor or leadership, yet God had selected them to carry out His will.  When a young man went and informed Moses of this, Joshua requested Moses to make them stop.  Joshua was simply protecting his leader and did not want Moses’ authority to be stepped upon.  Moses’ response was that of a true godly leader.  He was joyful that they were prophesying.  Here he wished “all of Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit upon all of them (vs. 29).  What an unselfish response?

Some of you have been selected by God to be leaders in your own churches or local gatherings.  How do you respond when those around you experience the grace and gift of God?  Are we joyful that God is acting in His mighty ways or do we become envious? Today, more than ever, we are capable of spreading the Gospel further.  God has commissioned you and me, by being believers, to tell others the good news of Jesus, not as a choice but as a duty!

 Prayer: Dear Lord, You created me with a unique purpose.  You put me in my church and neighborhood for a special reason.  You placed the people around me, at school and at work, knowing that this world needs to hear your good news.  Give me your spirit, that I may diligently fulfill your great commission today. Help me to share your good news with one other person today. Amen. 

Thought for the day: How sweet it would be, if on this day, every Christian you knew, shared Jesus with just one other person?  As we journey towards heaven, may this be our challenge.  Lets fulfill the commission of God and ask the Spirit to guide us. 

Binu Daniel St. John’s M T C, NY.