Monday, April 15, 2013

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Enoch walked with God.
Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.  (24)

Walking with God is a blessing. God gives us the opportunity to commune with Him. Nova and his Family walked with God. The Bible says that Joshua and Caleb followed God. Since the beginning of time there are many passages in the Bible which tell of men of God who walk with Him and received His blessings. Even today there are testimonies of individuals who walk with God. With each of these examples we see one common thread. Each of these individuals has a personal, daily relationship with God. This is the key in Christian living. Enoch completely trusted and depended on God. He surrenders himself to God to use as He pleased. Enoch walked, communed, talked and sat in God’s presence. God chose Enoch to live with Him forever ascended into heaven and never face death. God grants us the opportunity to walk and have a personal relationship with Him. It requires us to stay away from sin and unholy alliances. Those who want to live with God in eternal life must walk with Him in their earthly life.

To walk with God we need to have bond with Him, a complete surrender and devotion to Him. If we want to walk with Jesus we need to accept Him as our redeemer and savior. The walk with God is not easy. But each trial or test draws us closer and more dependent on Him. We must completely surrender all our weakness and disabilities to Jesus, dedicate ourselves to Him, follow His principles and lead a renewed life. Additionally, we must love and prioritize Jesus above all else in our daily life. Our failure in life is that we are not following His commandments. We must have that unquenchable desire to walk with Jesus, always carrying the Cross and follow His footsteps.

God created man in His own image. In the beginning God walk with Adam and Eve. He desires fellowship with man. But when sin came to Adam and Eve’s life, mans personal friendship with Almighty is ceased. Like Adam we continue to divert from God due to worldly and unholy alliances. God looks from heaven and see that all have sinned against Him. However, God gives us a chance to regain this bond with Him, through His son and the Cross. Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life”. Can we accept this Jesus as our friend? He will lead us to the right path and we will inherit the eternal life and a true walk with God.
Prayer: By faith, loving Father, I ask you to walk with me every part of my life – draw me closer to Your Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thought for the day: Walking and trusting Jesus in all the parts of our life will bring blessings and prosperities in our entire life.
M.C Alexander, N.J Mar Thoma Church, Randolph