Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Songs of Forgiveness
Psalms 32
“The correlation between the need to confess our sins and forgiveness"

We can see God’s provision  of forgiveness in Davids song in Psalms 32.  You see, the beautiful thing about this chapter is we don’t know what sin David is referring to in specific.  It could have been his sin of adultery with Bethsheba or the sin of murder  with Uriah.  He experienced many of the weaknesses that we go through now, but the sin is not the importance in this chapter. It’s God’s forgiveness.
Versus 1-2 begins by telling us that we must have the willingness to confess our sins, and not be in denial.  We must have a clear understanding of what our transgressions are in order for us to know what is wrong and right.  
Happiness comes when we agree with God.  When we don’t confess our sins, we are being deceitful in nature and not admitting that we are sinners.  It happens very often that Christians are dishonest about their sin.  Ive seen it happen very often where someone who doesn’t have a relationship with Christ is more ready to admit their sin than someone who does.  What does this reveal about us? How does this reveal our Christian identity when we sit with closed mouths. This is the challenge my friends.
Versus 3-4 tells us that our happiness turns to heartache when we don’t confess our sinsWhen David, kept his mouth shut, it was killing him inside.  He may have been silent in his confession, but that didn’t stop his in- ner agony.  When we don’t confess, it is like holding your breath, and we are going to explode at any minute. The stressful nature of keeping such things inside can have a tremendous affect on our bodies and minds.
When we refuse to acknowledge our sin, we will feel God’s hand weighing down on us.  A true disciple of Christ is one who comes with their ignorance, superstition, and sin to seek out learning, truth, and forgiveness from the Savior.  Without this discipline, we are not disciples.
Verse 5  tells us that heartache is removed when guilt is forgiven.  Yes, God wants us to have a open rela- tionship with him even in our sinful nature.  Many times we get frustrated because we start talking to God about our problems or our sins and when we start focusing on the specifics we get frustrated because there just a lot there to say.  God knows our struggles and our weaknesses so we need not worry about the specifics.  What we need to do is ask God to cleanse us to our core and that we need his healing hand deep in our lives.
Versus 6-11  tells us of God’s protection through instruction and reminds us of his disciplined love.
David asks for the godly to pray? In what context does he mean the word “godly?  If people are godly why
do they need to pray for forgiveness?  The word godly” here is not to refer to those who are “godly” in their behavior but rather to those who have God in their favor.  The confession of our sins is not to obtain his favor but rather as evidence of his favor.  We are also reminded that time is limited and it is wrong for us to think that “we’ll deal with it some other time. Confessing to God should take a priority in our lives.  When we deal with the stress of un-repented sin, we must turn to God for forgiveness.  How then does God give us protection when we confess?  He will save us from devastation when troubles occur.  He gives us a promise to watch over us and to teach us how to live.  When we refuse to confess, God will humble us and break us.  If we still refuse, the only option left is judgement-“the whip for a horse, the bridle for an ass, the rod for the fool’s back (Proverbs 26:3).
Yet we can see that David sings this Psalm with such happiness and content.  We are called to rejoice and sing that we have such a forgiving father! Let us answer this calling and be disciples to his will.

Prayer: Father, cleanse us to our core. Break us and mold us according to your will. Teach us how to live and how to be better disciples of yours.  Forgive our sins and make us humble.  We thank you for being a forgiving and loving father.  In your name we pray, Amen. 

Sabu Abraham, Long Island MTC, NY