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                            Paradox of Human Struggle – Body vs. Spirit
                          Romans 7: 15 – 25

 What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? (24)

One day one of our Achens went to a pet shop and ordered 12 mice, 2000 ants and 1000 cockroaches. The clerk took the order but still wondering why this Achen has placed such a strange order. So he asked, “Hey Achen why you do want all these stuff?” and this Achen replied, “I am getting transferred from this church and my Executive committee has asked me to leave the parsonage as I received it.” LOL! The question is – “Need for the restoration to original is a desire or a necessity?” As Paul has said in Romans 7: 14ff; for us it’s a desire, but for God it’s a necessity. Why? Because after creating us; God himself has witnessed that we are good (Gen 1: 30). But because of sin, as we moved away from divine goodness; as Father it is a necessity for God that we His children must be restored to divine goodness.

So the next question arises as children of God even though we desire to live in purity why we do sin (v. 19 – 20)? Gen 1: 7 says our body is formed out of dust. Hence our body has a strong bonding to this world. God has done this so that we must live in a divine relationship with this world and consider it as our own, love it and take care of it (Gen 2: 15). But we as human beings - because of the “freedom of choice” given to us - instead of connecting ourselves to God’s creation in love & purity; out of our selfishness we desire more to experience its sensory pleasures and powers (Gen 3: 6). But then God blew His breath (Hebrew that means Ruah – also means Spirit) also into our nostrils. Hence God’s spirit is inside us and that pulls us strongly towards God & His Divine intentions. So there is always an inner struggle of Bodily inclinations and Divine intentions inside us.

Then comes the last question, “As a human being whether we will be able to  be victorious in this struggle?” Yes Surely! Because God sent his son to save us (v.24 – 25). When Christ become our savior it has 3 very strong implications:

1. As the Lord of universe he has power & authority over everything in this world. And He is mighty enough to forgive the sins of our past. 

2. As a human being when He himself was able to be victorious in his inner struggles; we can also be victorious.

3. As a Savior and Friend his grace is enough to strengthen, regenerate & encourage us in this struggle.

The only thing needed is giving complete authority of our life in His Hands, making choices in life following His Will and living a life following His Footsteps.

Prayer: Father God! Today onwards I am giving my life into your hands. Give me strength to live as you want me  to, Amen
 Rev. Alex Peter, Youth Chaplain, Chicago.

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum