Sunday, January 6, 2013

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Mat. 3. 13-17
 “At that moment, heaven was opened…” (v.16)

The new world had been ushered in at the site of our Savior’s baptism by John, his cousin.  The Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End, finally gave man a glimpse of heaven as it was in the beginning, world without end.  In the old world, the spirit of God hovered over the waters and life was formed.  In this new world, the spirit of God descended on the First Born of all creation, and eternal life was given.

Honored in humility.  When our Savior submitted to a baptism which was reserved only for sinners, he identified himself with our lost souls.  He identified with you, and with me.  He became one of us; so that we could share in the divine nature.  In the Word we read, before honor is humility.  It was an instance of great humility that our Savior would offer himself to be baptized by John. He was without sin, yet was baptized with sinners.  Without doing, we cannot preach.  Christ here is doing, before he begins his public ministry.  He always sets the example through action before his words are uttered.

Honored in heaven.  So, heaven responded with joy.  Joy that could not be contained in heaven alone, but broke forth into our world.  The Spirit descended like a dove, from heaven!  At seeing Jesus rise from the water, the heavens burst forth its joy.  When we cheer on a team or player on tv we do so out of joy and a connection with that person/team.  Here we see the response of Father God, who has the most intimate connection with His Son, of sacrificial love.  God the Father was encouraging all of humanity at the same time to trust in this Jesus, who brings the Father great joy.

Honored in Him; in Christ we must remain.  “This is my beloved Son.”  See how our Father is ready to claim Jesus.  He is not only pleased with Jesus, but in Him as well.  Meaning he is also pleased by all those who are in Jesus.  We cannot be denied our requests when they are brought to the Father in Jesus’ name.  Jesus’ authority in heaven is second to none.  When we pray in His name, we pray in the Name above all names.  We can sometimes limit ourselves when we believe little in the power of His Great Name.

John preached so that man would be brought to repentance, then only could man come to Christ.  Without true repentance, we cannot enter into Christ. Without Christ, we cannot enter into heaven. Only through Jesus, are the heavens opened to us.
Let’s draw close to Jesus who lived to identify with us, and approach boldly The Throne in heaven through him.

Prayer : God give us  the strength to draw close to you, and approach boldly The Throne in heaven through you. Amen

Adarsh Abraham, Long Island MTC, NY