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Isaiah 2: 10-2

“And the Lord alone will be exalted in that day. For the Lord of hosts will have a Day of Reckoning.” ( Is 2: 11b – 12 a)
The Last week of Oct 2012 North America anxiously watched hurricane Sandy lashes out the East Coast and cause colossal damage. Statistics show that this was one of the 5 biggest storms in history. Cities were afraid to put a number value to the wreckage caused. Almost 5 million people didn’t have power supply for over a week. Human intellect, power and position could not stop Sandy nor reduce the impact. All that could be done was caution and evacuate some people.
Fragility of the so called powerful:  As this day arrives we’ll see that man would have reached lofty heights of power, position, intellect, wealth and control in today’s time and age. Not only has man reached the pinnacle in these areas; he now also totally relies on them.  Man’s trust is in his abilities, his achievements, his rationale, to an extend that God has slipped out of most lives. For some God is a Sunday entity, or maybe a morning ritual, however there sure are few folks for whom God is as real as the breath we breathe. Isaiah in these scriptures is sending out a “Call of Alert” to all the proud, exalted and lofty men, to all who find and seek high positions, who chase after temporal things. He draws a powerful parallel with the cedars of Lebanon, oaks of Bashan, lofty mountains, fortified walls and the Ships of Tarshish. Although all these symbolize strength, power and might, but all of these will crumble down on that “Day of Reckoning.”  So great will be the splendor of Christ’s majesty that humankind will find the wealth, power & prestige of this world as worthless as ashes.

Rely on God and be humble.

·         Is my lifetime spent on planting and raising oaks and cedars that will perish at the strike of a wind gust?

·         What are the mighty ships and fortified walls that I rely on; which can snap and crumble under a huge wave?

·         The Day of Reckoning as in Is 2: 12 will be a day of fears and tears for the proud and lofty as we read in James 4: 6 God gives grace to the humble and opposes the proud.

·         If God is sure to grant grace to the humble; Is 2: 22 is a great statement of caution “ Stop relying on human abilities whose breath is just, but momentary."

 Prayer: Lord help me to press forward to that “Day of Reckoning” to meet and exalt my Savior and My Lord. Amen.

Mr. Mathew Abraham, St. Matthews, Toronto



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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum