Saturday, December 29, 2012

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Luke 11:  29 – 32
When the crowds were increasing, he began to say, “This generation is an evil generation. It seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah. (Luke 1129)

In the given passage we read the need for this particular generation to want a sign to know that the Christ was coming.  The answer Christ gives shows us his Grace and how we should trust in him all ways, “…except the sign of Jonah.

The generation in this Bible passage was evil but now we must ask the question, is my generation in the year 2013 evil and what would Jesus say about it?  When we turn on our television for news or look on the Internet for stories the first items that come up deal with the negativity in our society.  It ranges from never-ending wars, brutal murders of people, including little children, stealing of money and other spectrums dealing with how our opinions or idea should match with a particular concept.  There is evil around us, this is evident but the Goodness of God has a great abundance, he sent Jonah and others and he is here with us today, verse 32”…something greater than Jonah is here.”  In verse 32 the men of Nineveh at first did not repent or realize their sin, when they heard Jonah; but they turned back from their old selves and finally realized that a sign was before them. Similarly people in this passage were seeking a sign. And Jesus said there is no other sign greater than Himself. What does it mean? There is no other sign greater than compassion and grace revealed in Christ. Is it not something amazing?

At times it can get discouraging to see how much hatred is in our world.  So many times it has made me angry, sad and to the point utterly disgusted in human beings. But recently I read how a retired Air Force General, who is now a priest in Oklahoma, has setup an organization within his church to reach out to those military personnel that are adapting themselves back into civilian life.  Several of these people are believers and they tell their experiences of being a soldier and the psychological, physical, and spiritual toll it took on them.  They describe the evil around them and how it continually growing. But one particular soldier’s witness caught hold of me. He Said; “Even though evil is present I know that Christ must & will be glorified in goodness at end”. And this hope encourages him to live a life of witness in midst of evil. Let us rely on the compassion & grace of God which we have received in Jesus Christ and keep on living in goodness today also.

Prayer: “Lord! Open my heart when I lack your understanding & strengthen me to  glorify your name through my thoughts, actions and interactions today by being good.” Amen.

Manoj Thomas, St. Thomas MTC, Chicago.