Monday, December 17, 2012

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Luke 1: 26- 38
I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said” then the angel left her. (Luke 1:38)

Albert Einstein was a genius. He had students joining him every year to learn and for Training. It is said that Einstein used to give the same set of questions to every batch of students. But he expected different approach to the questions each time. When we read the same Bible passages again and again and look into it for reflection, do we realize that the answers can be different?

Luke 1:26-38 is a narrative text found only in that gospel. It is a conversation between angel Gabriel and virgin Mary. The text is telling us about how Mary understood it; how the writer of the Gospel grasped it and today how it comes to us for reflection. We need the blessing and guidance of the Holy Spirit to understand the truth that lies behind the words in the Word of God.

Words of Obedient faith: Who is Mary? She was a village girl where men ruled. She is young in a world that valued age. She was poor in a stratified society. She was powerless in a land governed by the powerful Roman Empire. She was simple and innocent in a patriarchal society. But the religious life of Mary was very strong. Mary realized that she is chosen by God for divine purpose. Vs. 38 carries the words of Mary: “I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as you have said.” In those words Mary’s commitment and character are evident along with her obedient faith. She accepts her lowly status, believing that ' God chose the lowly rather than the high and mighty'. She could perceive her role, as a “Servant of Yahweh” (Isa 49:3). The later life of Mary testifies that she is a “woman of suffering”.

Willing submission to the will of God: Mary was betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter. She had ambitions and dreams. But then she came to know that God had a different plan about her life. Her response to the words of Gabriel is, ' behold the maid servant of the Lord'. She never asked Gabriel to wait till she had a talk with Joseph! That she left with God. She was prepared to re program her life and she did it. This brought a drastic and radical change in her life. Mary's God consciousness was strong, contextual and personal. That enabled her to journey with Jesus.

Prayer: Help us O Lord to realize that we are not our own. You have created us for your divine plan. Guide us to know your purpose and commit our lives accordingly.  Amen.

Mar Theodosius