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Isaiah 51: 1-16
Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn.’ Isaiah 51:1b (NIV)

The materialistic world always tells us to look forward and aim for better

and never look to the past or repent over what happened in the past. The world advises us that it is OK to have a trial and error method. But the Bible says look in to the past and try to learn your mistakes and do not sin again so that God’s glory will be revealed in you. The followers of Christ are called, ‘Christians’ is because they belong to Christ. There is no trial and error pattern in the life of a Christian. You are saved by Christ and should live for the Christ.

Created in God’s image:

Each one of us are saved and expected to live like Jesus Christ in every way. We should not forget the ‘Rock’ from where we were cut and the quarry from which we are hewn. We are made in the image of God and made by God to follow the same pattern of life of Jesus and pursue righteousness and seek the Lord your God all your days. We are children of God and not of the world. The fruits that God expect from us are different from what the world expects us to produce. We are part of God’s design and His children since we are cut from the same rock and hewn from the same quarry. We usually hear from our parents and grandparents that we should always remember our past and how God had provided us with everything. How many of us are now repeating the same to our children?

Understand God’s purpose on our life:

The Christians in Kerala is the only community, which has spread around the world. It is not spread by itself, but God has scattered us to be His witnesses in the entire world and to all nations and people. Sometimes we take it as granted that it is because of our merit and ability that we are in the positions what we are now.  I believe God has a purpose in scattering the Kerala Christians in the entire world. God has His own purpose and expectations from His people. We should never forget the purpose and expectation that God has from each one of us. God had a purpose when He is born in this world, which is to save the human being from the sin. Similarly, God has a purpose in creating each one of us in this world, a purpose called divine purpose. Then how can we forget the rock from we are cut and the quarry from where we are hewn?

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us always to remember our past and to follow your pattern of living by leading a life worthy to you. Amen.

Lal Varghese, Dallas




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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum