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1 Samuel 3:1-10
The call of Samuel is one of the dramatic incidents in the Bible. Samuel was an apprentice under the veteran priest, Eli to become a servant ofthe Lord who heard the cry of his mother. Samuel probably is in his late childhood stage and is very enthusiastic in learning and faithful in discharging his duties. It is also probable that Samuel succeeded in winning the love and affection of the elderly priest who was disheartened because of the wayward life of his own sons.

God’s message to a Boy...?

In the adult world a boy is not considered capable of understanding serious matters having social, political and spiritual implications. In the categorization of religion, some people like women, children, certain race or caste are not entitled to communicate with God. God here demolishes the structure of traditional religion and communicates with a boy. In the gospels we read a number of incidents where Jesus communicates with people who were outside the contours drawn by the society and religion (Jn.4: 7-26; Matt. 9:20-22; 15:21-28; Mk.1: 40-42). Through these incidents Jesus demonstrated the character of God who transcends human boundaries to communicate His love, redemption and judgment.

From the narration it is clear that Samuel was resting in a place not very far from Eli. But it is interesting that Eli does not hear any divine voice only Samuel hears it. Why does God bypass Eli and proclaim his future plan to a boy? It is not that God avoids speaking to some people but insensitive minds fail to recognize and respond to God’s communications. Life’s heavy burdens and relentless occurrence of gruesome incidents around us make us deprived of hope and deviate from God. The clamor in and around us desist God’s voice from falling into our ears.

Prayer: God teach us to listen to your words. Let us be constantly reminded of your will in the midst of the evils that envelop our world. Give us the courage to be instruments of your justice always in our life. Amen

Rev. Abraham Scariah, Kottayam

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Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum

Word for the day by Christian Education Forum