Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Journey 55: Transformation in my family

Read: Genesis 3
Key Verse: “And Adam named his wife “ Eve” because she would be the mother of all living”. [ Genesis 3:20]

          Names; The most beautiful aspect about a person is his/her name. Every individual expects that others address them by their name. It is through addressing their name that we show the other person love, respect and also acceptance. Most often in the context of an Indian family even in the US, the spouses addresses each other in names that are very intimate like “Kutta”, “Mole” in Malayalam or names like “ honey” or some other names that only the respective spouses know. These names are very sweet to hear as far as the spouses are concerned but sometimes this can cause rift in an another family. A wife was heard complaining to her husband that the she felt jealous and envy of her friend in the church. When her husband asked the reason for her envy, she said that her friends' husband was so loving and would always address her as “Mole” and “Kutta”. The wife sighed and said “ I wish and dream that one day I would also be addressed like that”. The husband kept silent. “Why are you silent”? The wife asked. The husband after his traditional momentary silence and reflection replied, “those are the names that he calls her when is in love with her, ask her what he call her when he is angry at her”?
           This is what makes all the difference in the transformation in the family. On Saturday we meditate on how we can bring transformation in the family and we are meditating on the life of Adam and Eve. In the bible, names were very important and the naming of a person was also very important. The name shows the character and also the vision and mission of the person. Two notable naming in the Bible is the God renaming Abram as Abraham and Jesus Christ renaming Peter as the Rock. Both are instances when through the calling of names their mission in life and their character is being reinforced and communicated to them. In Genesis 3: 20 we also find a unique thing that Adam does, after he is driven out of garden of Eden. He names his wife “ Eve”, which means the “mother of all living”. Adam is in a state where he may be in total despair and frustration at the rebelling that he had done with God. Now he is reaping the fruits of the labour of sin. But one of the most beautiful aspect is that, Adam does not harbor any ill feeling towards his wife, since she was the one who began the process of downfall. He does not express his anger nor his hurt, but by calling her Eve, he is becoming the channel of God’s grace, and forgiveness thus leading to the transformation in their family. I believe this action of Adam is very powerful and something that we all can replicate in our family life. There are times when we are hurt and angry by the action done by our spouse, and when that happens we often vent out our anger by calling our spouse all sorts of names that is derogatory and also pure filth. It is high time that even when our spouse hurt us, we resolve not express our anger and displeasure in a sadistic and hurtful manner, but express our anger and our disagreement in a healthy way. Let us not hurt our spouses and our family members by using names and words that brings hurt to them because we are questioning who they are, their character and so on…...sometimes that can be un repairable. Let us address our spouses in a way that shows respect, concern and care.
How do you address your spouse and your children?
Let us Pray: Lord you want us to show respect love and concern to our family members. Help us to address them in names that are pleasing to them and take a decision never to hurt them. Amen