Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Journey 51: Transformation in my work place /school

Read: Daniel 6
Key Verse: “ Do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul, rather be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell” [ Mathew 10: 28]

Lin-Sanity–Part Two:
The latest Time magazine dated 27th February, has brought out a small feature titled “ The Christian Nerd High Five” and it is about a hand shake between two New York Knicks players. Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields. Lin is from Harvard while Fields is a Stanford. According to Allan C Lu, the marketing manager of Jeremy Lin reports that there is a story behind the handshake. Both Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields are good friends and not just because of their high academic pedigree but also because they are both Christians. The hand shakes starts with both Fields and Lin exchanging high five using opposite hands. Then they pretend to put on glasses since the nerds wear glasses. Following this Fields  presents Lin with an invisible Bible, Lin whizzes through the Bible, both the new testament and old testament. After this they put it back on the shirt pockets. Finally they point their hands skywards towards God and then they take the floor. Thus the high five that they exchange is something that they do as a part of the expression of their faith in the front of crowd, showing to them that they are a Christian Nerd in the society, thus trying to set a standards contrary to the values of the world. This is what transformation is all about in the context of our work place or in the setting of a school. The Christians are called to set standards that are contrary to the values of the world and that is when transformation comes about.
            On Tuesday we meditate on how we can bring about transformation in our workplace or school. The character that we are studying is the life of Daniel. Daniel is able to triumph through each crisis of his life. His belief and trust in the providence of God does not lead him away from the challenges of the world. The more that you are getting closer to God the more you will have to face the challenges of the world and the people who live by the standards of the world. Daniel has a new challenge now. King Darius is unknowingly forced to make a decree by the administrators of the king who was against Daniel. And the decree was that for the next thirty days no one can pray to anyone else but only to the King. Another crisis consciously brought about by people who did like the way Daniel expressed his faith. But the new challenge was also taken very lightly by Daniel. There was no change in his behavior. He did just what he used to do before. There was no change in the way he practiced his faith nor did he do something in hiding when he realized that he maybe punished if he professed his faith. In a country like United States where everyday you hear about laws that are being passed by certain states, which are contrary to the biblical morals, when there is dominant crowd that opposes everything that is Christian or concepts that are spiritual, it is people like Lin and Fields through their role in NBA are creating an alternative, consciously becoming a nerd to show to the world what the stand for.
Ready to be a Christian nerd in the making?
Let us Pray: Dear Lord there are times in life when we go with the crowd forgetting that we are a people who are supposed to stand up for you. Forgive us for being cowards and toying along the lines of this world. Amen