Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Journey 10: Transformed Living

Theme: Transformation in my workplace/school
Read: Numbers 14:1-10
One of the youth members of my church in Philly was struggling for a lot of time with regards to getting a job. He left his home to go a place where he could fulfill the passion that God gave to him to work in a particular field. He had to wait for long, but in the end he landed something that was something that was waiting for him. When he received his first salary he donated to the church stating that this particular job was something that the Lord had given to him and that he has to go miles as he continues his passion in his particular field of work. His offering was a commitment that he would want to do what the Lord requires of him. A youngster who wanted to make a mark in his field at the same time give glory and honour to his Lord. Does our job or our school, a place where we feel that the Lord has deliberately placed us and what is the purpose of that job or why are we studying for a particular course in our life? Just for a career or something more in life in relation to our Lord?
This week as we meditate on how we can transform our work place or school we are going to meditate on a biblical character “ Caleb”. In today’s biblical portion we can see what Caleb is  made of and what his principle in life. The context of today’s bible portion is where the people complain to Moses and Aaron about the plight that they are facing and how they are complaining as how the Lord has been unjust. People who saw and experienced God’s mercy every moment of their life is suddenly rebellious because they are going through a difficult phase in their desert journey. This causes Moses and Aaron to fall on their faces as a sign of deep agony. This is when we have two people who do not think as the rest of the people. They are Joshua and Caleb. They loudly proclaim to the people that what is required is not to complain on the contrary do “ what is pleasing to the Lord” [Num 14: 8]. When the whole congregation is on one side two young people take lead and tell them in straight terms that what you are doing is not right on the contrary think every act and deed in terms of whether it please the Lord or not?. I think we all are people when we are with our colleagues or friends, we refuse to dissent even when we know that as a Christian what they are doing is not right. We are more bothered about our relationship or our place in that group. But Caleb teaches us that what should be motivating factor in our life and also something that we should be witness to others is that we will never do anything that is not right in the sight of the Lord and that goes against the values and principles of our Christian life.
Do you know what is the one of most difficult area in our Christian life?
To say Jesus is my Lord and do His will even if your friends don't do it.
May the Lord help us to do that today in our professional life.

Let us Pray:
God you have placed us in our work place so that we could do what you want us to do. Sorry that we sometimes are silent about the stand that we are supposed to take and are  not bothered whether we please you or not. Empower us to do your will. Amen.

One Year Bible Reading Plan
Genesis 14-16;, Mathew 11,12;, Psalms 11-15, Proverbs 10,11